About heating, water supply and the clever house

On September 12 this year in St. Petersburg one of important for the Northwest region of the country an international exhibition on water supply and the climatic equipment «Expoklimat 2012» developed the expositions.

At first, the specialist the subject of action is aimed at recruitment of professional participants and guests, in the middle of which specialists of branch and representatives of the big companies conducting activity in this sphere. Though expositions of the main sections directed on a certain subject «Expoklimat 2012» represented big enthusiasm and for end users. Within exhibition About heating, water supply and the clever house
action on platforms of Lenekspo exhibition complex the widest range of the engineering equipment, modern materials and new technologies in the field of the sewer equipment, water supply, heating, warm and gas supply was shown.

Except the aforesaid, expositions of the exhibition project represented a wide range of ecological systems of cleaning, refrigerating appliances, technologies, materials and devices for saunas, furnaces, arrangements of pools, fountains and SPA. The stands representing modern systems «clever house» also were included in the main sections directed on a certain subject «Expoklimat 2012». And the saturated business aaplet of an exhibition was presented by competition of innovations in construction, innumerable scientific and practical conferences, seminars, presentations and master classes.

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