Other fittings 17

Somehow unsuccessfully in previous article the last scheme took place. Therefore, I now will repeat it on fig. 1. Again I will remind, as it works, it now is required to us. In principle, we already met the similar device, only then it there were not protective fittings, and regulating. The on-off regulating valve very probably works, only in our case the range of regulation should be very small, very narrow. What will occur at a leakage? The expense of a working environment will sharply raise, as becomes the precondition of overlapping of the valve. In other words, that to us was is concrete and it is necessary.

Other fittings 17

Fig. 1. The scheme of operation of the disconnecting valve.

The disconnecting valve always works with the machine gun, this device of direct act. But we know that there are situations when that mechanism of work will be or is inconvenient, or is insufficient. For such situations there are other protection devices which treat already a class of gate-type fittings. Distinctive feature of such devices, this existence of a drive which could on command in the shortest terms firmly block a stream of a working environment. In other words, the device is put in action not by a working environment specifically. This basic difference. Thus, the stream of a working environment can be blocked only at an emergency. In the industry such overlapping is quite often necessary and for the technological reasons.
Such fittings should be high-speed therefore in most cases it is valves or latches. Drives are usually used pneumatic or electronic. The abundance of locks is slightly more extensive. If the crane principle is used, it is usually conic or spherical stopper. The tarelchaty valve is quite often used also, in particular, if the latch principle is used.

Other fittings 17

Fig. 2. Gate-type fittings (the spherical crane with the electric drive).

Pneumodrive use on huge diameters more often, there it provides both suitable speed, and necessary effort. But in our household criteria we hardly will face it. However, now the gate-type fittings the voobshchy are occasionally applied at housing construction. And it is explained not to that they in a life are not necessary. Simple such systems comfortably to use in the presence of automatic system which operates all process. Systems of house automation everything become more popular, and it means, as that type of fittings will appear at us already soon.
Continuation follows …

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