Bidet installation by the hands.

Before installation of a bidet it is necessary to know that they happen 2 types: with ascending water flow and ordinary. Also as well as toilet bowls, they can be with horizontal, vertical and slanting release. Here therefore at a choice of a hotimy form it is necessary to consider and the provision of a bell of the sewerage.

It is also necessary to hold in the head that in the presence of the main water supply system of a bidet it should be equipped with spherical cranes, instead of the one-lever mixer.

The usual model of a bidet is something average between a toilet bowl and a low sink and joins the sewerage as well as a toilet bowl. However, at all this заместо a drain tank at its edge there are some cranes with mixers. The unique defect of that type of a bidet will be that pastime on it will be a little cold.

Installation of a usual bidet is similar to sink installation. For a start it is necessary to establish cranes with mixers, and then them to fasten. Then it is required to thrust in a bidet of plums and to attach to it a siphon, as in a sink. Then it is possible to rearrange a bidet in a necessary place, but not to hurry up to attach it to a floor.

Bidet installation by the hands.

It is necessary to connect mixer branch pipes to pipes on which there will be a water supply further. In this case it is most ideal to use a flexible eyeliner. By means of kompressionny connection it is necessary to attach a by-pass pipe (we insert this pipe into a sewerage bell) to a pipe of a siphon. But for a bidet it is possible to use and branch which foresees connection with the help of a carving. The bidet attachment to a floor similar to a toilet bowl will be the subsequent step.

Bidet installation by the hands.

The bidet with ascending water flow is much more difficultly arranged. In it аква the stream passes in a seat rim, heating up it at all this after that gushes forth up by means of the built-in regulator. Because the fountain and its opening is from below, and dirty water flows directly on it, here predvideno a special eyeliner of water. The used water is not soaked up back and does not pollute other water. Before installation of that type of a bidet it is necessary to connect and assemble adjustment mechanisms, and then already to mount a bidet with a water supply system and a ditch.

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