And now — water procedures!

And now - water procedures!
Say what to save up on for itself it is impossible. In particular it is correct, if there is a speech about health and hygiene. Here only the sizes of our bathrooms often do not allow to establish such comfortable and useful thing as bidet. A toilet bowl to push, what here a bidet! But modern technologies allow to save up a place indoors, without saving up at all this on for itself.

The Korean company "Yo-Yo Electronics" developed a curious novelty – «YB-770» covers bidets. The device truly represents a semblance of a cover which it is possible to establish actually on though what toilet bowl. The adaptation looks fashionably and is modern, differing from the most ordinary cover unless in the sizes and a form. But an interior at it – ogy!

Obviously, the model can work as a bidet, it is its main function, but besides she is able to do more many fascinating things.

In — 1-x, the device is equipped with an independent heating system of water and sitting. It is possible to choose the temperature best to, and it is possible to make heating evenly, in some steps, to a limit in 42 degrees. At all this if the device is not used within an hour, the temperature the machine gun decreases with a view of economy of the electric power.
And now - water procedures!

In — 2-x, the model is equipped with an aerator. The water sated with vials of air, not only only has easy massage effect and is spent it is less.

In — 3-x, the device looks behind a water and air condition indoors. Water is sterilized by iodine ions, and the mode of a dezodorirovaniye eliminates from opposite smells.

Well and in — 4-x, the device is equipped with the DU panel and light-emitting diode illumination of a cover. A trifle, and it is pleasant.

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