Dentistry and Stem cell therapy

Dentistry as a part of medicine takes responsibility for the health of teeth and other organs of the oral cavity, their diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The poor condition of the teeth can lead to the complications of the whole organism, including frontier areas of the face and neck, bones state and other physiological processes. 

Vitality Medical and Research Center provides the innovative Stem cell treatment Programs in Dentistry for the best well-being of the patients.

Innovative Stem cell therapy for teeth health 

Stem cells are a unique kind of biomaterial with a self-renewal feature, which launches forming of the new Stem cells, mitosis division, specialized cells differentiation that turns into cells of various organs and tissues.

In Dentistry, Stem cells are mainly used for regeneration of bones, teeth and gum tissue. 

The method of Stem cells injections is applied in the fields of periodontics and implantology, because periodontal disease is a common cause of alveolar bone and tooth loss.

Bone remodelling with more predictable and faster courses is one of the main indications to experience Stem cell treatment. 

The main indications for Stem cell therapy in Dentistry are:

  • Alveolar bone atrophy

  • Periodontosis

  • Implantation (replacement of the dental defects)

Individual consultation with Vitality specialists will help you to understand whole processes in your organism, select the proper plan of treatment and clarify all unknown information about Stem cell therapeutic effect and results.

Stem cells therapy ensured safety 

We provide total control and safety for our patients. The accurate diagnosis and well-developed treatment plan help to overcome complications and side effects after the Stem cell therapy. Vitality Programs are absolutely safe for everyone. 

But, before the treatment start the special consultation with experienced specialist must be provided, because of a range of contraindications for the Stem cell therapy in the list of health states:

  • Malignant neoplasms

  • Blood coagulation system disorders (critical conditions)

  • Severe cardiac insufficiency

  • Severe pulmonary failure 

  • Kidney failure of IV-V degree

  • Infectious diseases in the acute phase (hepatitis C, hepatitis B, etc.)

  • Incurable diseases (terminal stage)

  • Acute stage of injuries or stroke

  • Pregnancy, preparation for pregnancy in the near future, breast feeding

Vitality Stem cell therapy in Dentistry PPT ensures your total support and comfort not only for the duration of the therapy, but for 1 year after it. Specialized medical follow-up is the opportunity included in every Program for your confidence and effective results. Because qualitative control is really important. 

Total health of teeth and oral cavity is reachable with Stem cell therapy in Vitality Medical and Research Center. Your great results and well-being in the future begin from the innovative medical assistance from the real professionals. 

Come to Vitality and experience it!

Before using the Stem cell therapy Procedure, be sure to consult with your personal doctor to exclude individual contraindications and specificities.

Updated: 11 ноября, 2021 — 8:08 дп