The Loring is the same as the Bodega except that, in this case, I have added a small bump-out in the loft. Once again, the loft is not counted in the square footage listed but contains ample space. A downstairs bedroom is also aval — able. Square feet: 681 With add-on: 774 House width: 16’ […]


The New Vesica is essentally the Bodega turned sideways. The New Vesica is officially 278 square feet, but, if the loft were included, it would measure in at just over 450 square feet. Square feet: 261 With add-on: 356 House width: 14’ House length: 24’ Porch: 6’ x 13%’ Great Room: 9’ x 13%’ Kitchen: […]


The Harbinger is the Dutch hip version of the Bodega described on page 168. In this case, a bump — out provides enough space for an additional bedroom or sitting room downstairs. If one were to count the loft, this house would actually measure almost 600 square feet, or 700, with the add-on. Square feet: […]


The Bodega has a fireplace, a full bath and kitchen and a washer/ dryer beneath the counter. I don’t count the loft as square footage in this house because, with so much sloped ceiling, it doesn’t officially qualify as a habitable room. That said, with seven feet of ceiling height over more than 70 square […]


The Fend (pronounced fen-sel) is a combination of the Tarleton and the Weebee. There is a tall cathe­dral ceiling over the great room and lofts over the bathroom, kit­chen and doorway. Like the Wee — bee, this house has a bump-out to accommodate a fold-out bed or a table. Square feet: 261 With add-on: 356 […]


The Tarleton has the same over­all footprint and exterior appear­ance as the Lusby. The primary differences inside are that the Tar — leton’s kitchen is a bit bigger and that there is no bedroom down­stairs. The loft space is the same. 1 НІ Square feet: 130 House width: 8’ House length: 19’ Road Height: 13’-5” […]


The Lusby has a full bathroom, a kichen (sink, stovetop, refrig­erator), a fireplace, two closets, ample shelving, a downstairs bed­room and two lofts for additional sleeping and/or storage. The great room has a high, cathedral ceiling. In addition to the 117 square feet listed, this house contains more than 60 square feet in the lofts. […]


The Burnhardt is essentialy the Epu turned sideways. It includes all of the same amenities but no wheels. 1 Square feet: 117 House width: 8’ House length: 19’ Road Height: 13’-5” Dry Weight: 5400 lbs Porch: 3’x 7%’ Great Room: 6’ x 6%’ Kitchen: 6’ x 61/2’ Bathroom: 3’x 6’ Ceiling height: 6’ 6710” 6” […]


Epu is the design I came up with for my house. It features a stain­less steel desk, a tiny fireplace, a refrigerator, sink, stovetop, wet bath, a full-sized bed, plenty of storage and integral wheels. The 89 square feet listed do not in­clude the porch or sleeping loft. It is shown here with an optional […]


With a couch, a stainless steel desk, sink and fireplace, a wet bath, two closets and lots of shelv­ing, plus a sleeping loft above, this portable structure was designed to house one full-time resident comfortably. A small refrigerator below the counter and a hot-plate are also included. If you were to count the loft, this […]