With a couch, a stainless steel desk, sink and fireplace, a wet bath, two closets and lots of shelv­ing, plus a sleeping loft above, this portable structure was designed to house one full-time resident comfortably. A small refrigerator below the counter and a hot-plate are also included. If you were to count the loft, this house would actually be about 130 square feet.

1. Great Room 2. Kitchen 3. Wet Bath 4. Loft.

Square feet: 89

House width: 8’

House length: 15’

Road Height: 13’-5” Dry Weight: 4700 lbs

Porch: 3’x 7%’

Great Room: 6’ x 6%’ Kitchen: 4’ x 4[1]/2’

Bathroom: 4’x2’

Ceiling height: 6’ 6”

Loft height: 3’ 8”

-sizes are approximate

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