The Bodega has a fireplace, a full bath and kitchen and a washer/ dryer beneath the counter. I don’t count the loft as square footage in this house because, with so much sloped ceiling, it doesn’t officially qualify as a habitable room. That said, with seven feet of ceiling height over more than 70 square feet, this heated loft provides a lot of usable space.

Square feet: 297

With add-on: 391 House width: 14’

House length: 24’

Porch: 6’ x 6’

Great Room: 9’ x 13 %’ Kitchen: 73/V x 8’

Bathroom: 7%’x5’

Addition: 7’ x 93/4’

Ceiling height: 7’ 6”

Loft height: 7’

-sizes are approximate

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