Z-Glass House

This contemporary design does not have a pronounced gabled roof or loft. It looks a lot like the New Popomo, but is about three times bigger. Like its smaller cousin, the Z-Glass House has a glass wall that is intended to face south during the winter for solar gain. This design includes a stain­less steel counter, sink, range and refrigerator, a full bath and a fire­place. While it is not built on inte­gral wheels, it is small enough to be moved on a trailer. It is shown at right with hot rolled steel siding. [5]

Square feet: 461

With add-on: 557 House width: 16’

House length: 30’

Porch: 6’ x 6’

Great Room: 10’ x 15%’ Kitchen: 7%’ x 7’

Bathroom: 7%’x4[6]/2’

Addition: 7’x10’

Ceiling height: 7’ 6” — sizes are approximate

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