Рубрика: Stone Matrix Asphalt. Theory and Practice

Resistance to Fuel on Airfields

This requirement regarding resistance to fuel exclusively applies to SMA mixes for airfields. The method of testing this property of SMA is elaborated in the standard EN 12697-43. The categories of the requirements are good, moderate, poor, or NR (no requirement). 14.5.11 Resistance to Deicing Fluids for Application on Airfields This requirement concerning resistance to […]

Resistance to Abrasion by Studded Tires

Resistance to abrasion by studded tires is determined according to EN 13108-20, Clause D.4, and testing after EN 12697-16, Procedure A. The available categories of requirements are AbrA20, AbrA24, AbrA28, AbrA32, AbrA36, AbrA40, AbrA45, AbrA50, AbrA55, AbrA60, and AbrNR, where AbrNR means no requirement. TABLE 14.1 Test Methods of SMA Resistance to Permanent Deformation and […]