Resistance to Fuel on Airfields

This requirement regarding resistance to fuel exclusively applies to SMA mixes for airfields. The method of testing this property of SMA is elaborated in the standard EN 12697-43. The categories of the requirements are good, moderate, poor, or NR (no requirement).

14.5.11 Resistance to Deicing Fluids for Application on Airfields

This requirement concerning resistance to deicing fluids applies to SMA mixes for airfields only. The method of testing this property of SMA is described in the stan­dard EN 12697-41. The test is conducted using the pull-off method on samples sub­jected to conditioning in a deicing fluid and on nonconditioned, comparable samples. The categories of requirements are marked with the indexed symbol в: P100, в 85, P70, P55, and PNR, where PNR means no requirement. The в is a ratio of conditioned to unconditioned sample result.

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