Asphalt mixtures are construction products and the standards EN 13108-1 to 13108-7 are harmonized with the Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC. The system “2+” has been adopted to evaluate conformity of asphalt mixtures. It consists of the following:

• Initial type testing of each mix produced by its manufacturer

• Certification of a Factory Production Control (FPC) with reference to EN 13108-21 conducted by a notified body, separate for each production site (asphalt plant)

The SMA design process (recipe) should be followed by confirmation that the mixture meets all requirements shown in the relevant categories listed in the NAD; if it does meet the requirements, it cannot enter the market. This set of tests, called initial type testing, is based on requirements of the standard EN 13108-20 (Table B.5), which include the following:

• Binder content EN 12697-1 and 12697-39

• Grading EN 12697-2

• Void content including VFB EN 12697-8

• Void content of gyratory compacted samples EN 12697-31

• Binder drainage EN 12697-18

• Water sensitivity EN 12697-12

• Resistance to abrasion by studded tires EN 12697-16

• Resistance to permanent deformation EN 12697-22

• Resistance to fuel (airfields) EN 12697-43

• Resistance to deicing fluids (airfields) EN 12697-41

Routine (daily) testing of a manufactured mix is conducted using a system of FPC according to the standard EN 13108-21.

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