Style and brevity

Style and brevity
Designers are not tired to invent new models of sinks. It would seem, we contemplated already everything: the sinks wood and topped with a mosaic, powerful and super-flat models. Sinks without plum came across to us even. But, it appears, even the most ordinary means can give such usual subject as a wash basin absolutely new look.

The Toscoquattro company represents a novelty – a stylish and elegant sink under «Sixty» title. Its "counter" are unusual square outlines and the through opening passing directly on the center. Yes, «Sixty» can be taken quicker for a piece of furniture, than for bathroom equipment, after all Style and brevity
to learn in it a wash basin it is possible only thanks to the mixer.

By the way, the producer offers different options of installation of the mixer. If the sink takes place at a wall, the ordinary integrated mixer most ideally will approach. But if the sizes of a bathroom allow to take out «Sixty» in the room center, it will be very original to look the big floor mixer. For convenience in use a sink it is possible доукомплектовать small the iron shelf which is absolutely repeating a form of an opening. Many things on it you will not place, but all necessary trifles for washing always will be under a hand.

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