Esthetics of the present

Esthetics of the present
If you prefer a creative interior and just at present are in search of decisions for new design of own bathroom, at first we recommend to you to think of a sink form. It is possible to choose the most different tile, it is possible to acquire fascinating furniture, it is possible to prefer to a bath a shower cabin, but the sink is a that subject which is in any bathroom and if it is truly unusual, it is meaningful to form an interior specifically "round" it.

The it is more that modern designers offer a large quantity unique thoughts: that "will pack" a sink into a basketball basket, will make it absolutely flat, and even absolutely will force grow from a wall – in literal sense.

Specifically it is so possible to depict the newest series of sinks of "Strappo" from the Italian company "Antonio Lupi". This bathroom equipment truly is a whole with a wall. Esthetics of the present
Naturally, to make the decision on installation of that non-trivial sink it is necessary at a stage of planning of the main place of a bathroom as after it simply you "will not thrust". But it is that costs, after all the bathroom equipment which has been built in a wall, looks it is fresh, fashionably and somehow even zavorazhivayushche.

On a photo it is possible to create that the part of a wall was cut out and unbent, setting outlines of future sink. The bowl made of an artificial stone – кориана, is simply established on prepared "pedestal". Let’s add illumination, and voila – the 1st step to an up-to-date interior is made!

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