Steel and plastic: country Duet

Steel and plastic: country Duet
The wash basin for giving «Mr. Heath, the Duet, without a water heater» is the greatest in own family. From its name it becomes already clear that the wash basin is intended for use at once 2 people.

The strong case of this wash basin is made of steel, but has small weight. And means, it can be transferred and established where will be comfortable.

The decorative covering is put on a curbstone of a wash basin – strong and esthetic. Models of this row are thus painted in various colors. It allows to pick up a wash basin "Mr. Heath" "Duet" under suitable style of an interior.

Because the wash basin is calculated on 2 people, its curbstone is rather wide and can serve in addition as storage for any suitable things. Specifically the sink of a wash basin can be 2 options: or from stainless steel, or from strong plastic. As the heater in a wash basin "Duet" is not provided, it receive in addition. The place for its installation on a wash basin is. It is provided here and an additional shelf.

For plum of water or the capacity is substituted under a sink in a case, or organized having merged in system of the sewerage or in a cesspool.

Cost of a country wash basin for two 3,5 thousand roubles.

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