Como 2: Linear city

If you say that this pavilion is ‘ridiculous’, you’re absolutely right. However I suspect that you meant it in a cynical way and that is something I cannot relate to.
I was appalled by all the other (few exceptions, i.e. UK) humorless pavilion in Shanghai this year. So-called architecturally sound, but all pretentious boxes that actually have nothing to offer but some lame exhibition which nobody was interested in. To then walk into this pavilion, which was not actually a pavilion, with all these marvelous colors and 1/3 size replica’s of modernist highlights from the Netherlands, was a relief to say the least. To know that there are architects, which do not take themselves TOO seriously, is a pleasant surprise. Moreover the pavilion was very popular with all the visitors who could use the shade provided by this open structure during the hot Shanghai summer months. The Shanghai expo 2010 was more like a giant holiday fair where all these countries tried to get more tourists to see their nice little waterfalls and ‘cultural’ highlights. Nice city however.

Updated: 19 октября, 2014 — 12:33 пп