My water supply system

I live in the personal house and till a nedavneshny time I had a never-ending discrepancy with water. Only just and it was necessary to take a bucket and to go with it on the street to a well behind water. In particular it it would not be desirable to do in crude weather and in the winter when on the street — 30°C.My water supply system

Here I also solved will get rid of this difficulty оковём water supply system leading to the house. For a water supply system used plastic pipes which were laid on a trench depth by of 1 meter, established in a well the pump and automatic equipment. The broad tank put already in the house.
After a water supply in the house it was necessary for me to make distributing on the house, and specifically to carry out water on kitchen and to a bathroom to a boiler, a wash basin, the washing machine, a toilet bowl and a bathroom. For position of the route on the house I decided to use polipropilenovy pipes. For this purpose a little to save up I decided this business to make without the aid of others, bought for itself паяльничек for the soldering of polipropilenovy pipes, pipes, corners, fastenings, connectors and tees.My water supply system

After everything was prepared started to work. Began from an entrance, first put an adapter with from a plastic water pipe on polipropilenovy, and put the crane. The crane is necessary for this purpose that in case of any malfunction of system it was possible to block water supply and to clean malfunction. From the crane went further. For this purpose to connect pipes used паяльничек. First I included паяльничек and waited while it will be warmed up to 240 °C, and at this time prepared pipes for the route of length suitable me. When паяльничек I heated up with the help a payalnichka warmed up a soldering place on the crane and on a pipe after that connected the crane to a pipe. At the soldering it is necessary to look behind that that connections were rovnenky for this purpose to provide accuracy of a design. The same method I moved further doing in suitable places turns and forks. My water supply system
In places of a fork put tees and from them already moved further. First the route at me went on channel specially made for the pipeline in a floor and in kitchen ran across on a wall. To a wall strengthened the pipeline special fastenings which fasten to a wall by means of dyubely, and later already pipes are inserted into them.My water supply system

Here so I brought water in the house, than facilitated for myself life.

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