We replace a part of a plastic pipe

We replace a part of a plastic pipe
Plastic pipes connect in themselves relative low cost, reliability and a practicality. But it happens so that because of violations by production or poor-quality materials eventually, on pipes there can be so called "cones" – the surface bulks up, the foil is broken off. If to make nothing, it can lead to break in a pipe. The ordinary collar here will not help, it is better to change the jarred-on site of a pipe for the new.

Wish to know how to make it without the aid of others? Read fixedly!

Tools and materials.

So, to you понабиться a piece of the plastic pipe, two plastic couplings, scissors, "lerka", the iron for the soldering, construction meter and a dry rag.


We replace a part of a plastic pipe
At first it is necessary to be convinced that water is not present in pipes. In case of need, water should be blocked in a cellar. You can or address in department of municipal services, or perform similar operation without the aid of others, the benefit in it is not present anything difficult.

After you made sure that water in pipes is not present, we begin work with a plastic pipe. For a start cause the accurate site of a pipe which is subject to substitution. Measure it by means of meter, taking in attention at all this "blousing" of 2-3 cm above and low. A pencil note borders.

Measure a roulette the suitable size on the prepared pipe further. Make an appropriate mark a pencil.

We replace a part of a plastic pipe
Special scissors on perimeter we cut out a pipe site. In a consequence to them you also change an inapplicable part. Then the same scissors cut out a site of the jarred-on pipe.

Both ends of the main pipe process "lerka", then clean off about their foil. The processed surface should be approximately equal to a half of the plastic coupling. The ends are wiped by a rag dry. The same we repeat with the preparation ends.

We include an utyuzhok for the soldering and we put on a support. The temperature an utyuzhka should correspond to the necessary temperature of the soldering of a pipe. Temperature of the soldering look in the summary or ask the dealer.

Thrust the main tuba in an opening for the soldering, the coupling strengthen from the back an utyuzhka. We scroll the iron before average melting. We remove the coupling from the iron, we release the ends of a pipe and we connect the melted parties.

The method of the soldering of other details and parts is similar.

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