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Electromagnetic Fields: Challenging Unsafe Limits

r Take on the military, government, electric utili­ties, appliance and cell-phone manufacturers, and the owners of television, radio, and other high fre­quency antennas and you’re in for a major fight. The stakes are huge because since 2003 insurance companies no longer cover eventual (because still unproven) damages caused by electromagnetic fields (EMFs). These are emitted […]

Magnetic Fields

The importance of checking the electrical instal­lation under load with a gaussmeter before oc­cupancy is demonstrated in this case study. An electromagneticallysensitiveclient consulted with John by telephone throughout the construction of her home, which was built according to specifi­cations similar to those outlined in this book. After the client moved into her new home, she […]


Electromagnetic Fields Electric and magnetic fields are commonly discussed as if they were a single entity termed electromagnetic fields or EMFs. In fact, the two phenomena, although interrelated, are distinctly different and they will be discussed separately in this chapter. Chart 16.1 presents a comparison of the two. Magnetic Fields Basic Home Wiring and Net […]

Air Filtration

The addition of filters to ventilation and forced-air heating and cooling systems allows for greater control of air quality. As discussed above, indoor air is often too polluted to prop­erly nourish occupants. The first line of defense against such pollutants is to provide an ample supply of fresh outdoor air through ventila­tion. Unfortunately, “fresh” air, […]


Until the 1960s, ventilation in homes occurred naturally, obviating the need for intentional ventilation systems. Homes were loosely built, allowing enough outside air to make its way through the home to keep it fresh. By some ac­counts, this loose construction contributed to as many as three to four air exchanges per hour. Although there were […]