The mixer, comes from a rainbow

Such useful invention as the mixer, was thought up at the end of H_H of an eyelid, in the middle XX it was запатентирован, and presently uses mass demand and is issued bolshenny parties and in the most various options. There are one-lever, mixers to 2 gates, thermostats. Also they share and on a method монтаThe mixer, comes from a rainbow
жа and designs. Often them I establish in such rooms as a bathroom and kitchen. And as though on the 1st look it is easy to equip these rooms, it is even more difficult to make in their comfort, to pick up the necessary equipment that greatly worked and it was perfectly entered in the general interior of a room.

The mixer, comes from a rainbow
Designers of the Spanish company "TRES" directed attention that the near future all more often and more often when developing an interior of a room, people are declined to bright flowers. And it is not magnificent, after all such makary the mood to support is possible also and an eye to amuse. Then also there was a thought of creation of the brightest LOFT TRES mixers.

The abundance in a color palette of a row is necessary on temper even to the most captious and exacting consumer, will add "highlight" in a room interior.

To all it is necessary for other to note that all sanitary equipment of the TRES company is produced taking into account esthetic tendencies and modern technical achievements.

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