The well

The well
To each person is characteristic to postpone basic decisions. To paint a body or to wash out the car it is possible and in 2-3 days (week). But here to repair brake system it is necessary as it is possible more quickly. It concerns also suburban water supply. Here follows обмыслить each aspect, and later already to take care of watering systems, water heaters, sinks etc.

Not clearly for what reason, practically all owners of the suburban dwelling prefer to "suffer", before, than to get own artesian well and system of water cleaning.

In fact drilling of wells finally will manage even cheaper and often better.

The well
The economy begins on a construction step. Drilling of a well does not become the precondition of the cabin of fruit plantings and trees. Not including it, water is useful when laying base, finishing works and construction. Agree, where it is better to take water from a well, than to bring capacities from neighbors.

The well will allow to save up and on such steps, as watering and water cleaning. It is necessary to soften deep-well water only. From superficial layers of the earth it is required to subject water to multistage and severe system of water purification.

It is worth to remember also about a silting of wells. For example, "sandy" wells 2-3 years work suffice, it is necessary to drill a well on a brand new place later or to add in it water.

The well
The artesian deep well will be in unlimited quantities and regularly to stuff a site with water in 2-3 10-ov years – it will suffice. Service life of that device on the average makes nearly 50 years.

The subsequent reason, inducing to drill артезианск ую a well are questions of bacteriological safety. In sewer drains at some instant get to the underground water-bearing horizons. To drink such water unpleasantly, and at long pollution and it is fraught severe неуввязками for health of the person. Deep-well water is protected from such pollution by strong layers of limestone and clay.

Finally it is visible that drilling of the deepest well is more favorable, if continuous digging and digging up of wells, search of water or a water supply system wire. Always it is necessary to hold in the head that sweet of the low price passes promptly, but here the bitterness of disgusting property of water remains forever.

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