Exhibition in Khabarovsk: modern town planning

In September of the current year in Khabarovsk to Expootsentra the specialist an exhibition «STROYEKSPO DV 2012» on which production of the companies of a construction orientation, innovatorsky technologies, the equipment and the equipment created for all sectors of building industry, repair and branches adjacent to them will be presented will develop the work big. «STROYEKSPO DV 2012» will be presented to participants and guests beautiful possibility to familiarize with new Russian and zabugorny technologies, materials, the equipment and tools for the comprehensive solution of troubles of modern town planning and repair.

In the middle of the main sections of an exhibition except highly specialized subjects, beforeExhibition in Khabarovsk: modern town planning
stavlyayushchy big enthusiasm for experts of industrial and road construction, it will be possible to gather much the latest useful инфы, relating to civilian construction in different scales, to novelties a system of materials and the equipment, to questions of savings of energy, innovatorsky projects of building industry, technologies of construction, reconstruction, repair and the maintenance of houses. Also within the project «STROYEKSPO DV 2012» on exhibition platforms you will see the last development in the field of technologies and materials for finishing works and a decor, water supply and water removal, engineering support and modern city architecture.

Expositions of an exhibition will be incorporated in a uniform information place where architects, build the organizations, investors, representatives of authorities, utility services, the commercial and municipal organizations will manage to communicate outright together and to make new business contacts.

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