Trumpet sealing

The most part from us lives in houses where there is a centralized water supply, gas and heating. At all this all of us from time to time can face very opposite situations connected with a leakage of pipes in places of fastening of sanitary devices, batteries or flexible hoses, in other words on a carving. Certainly, in such cases for an embodiment of repair it is possible to entice mechanics-plumbers specially trained and already having the necessary abilities, gas-men and other professionals. But how to be, if began to flow at a dacha and the situation is necessary for helping out quickly? How gas and water are blocked we will not mention. Properly to twist nuts, and what tools at all this will be useful — too we will lower, after all actually each man in that or other degree possesses a nut or alligator wrench. Let’s mention better in more detail a subject about pressurizing means for carving connections.

Trumpet sealing
The oldest method of an embodiment of trumpet sealing is application of linen tow impregnated with lead minium, based on drying oil which in the form of threads reel up on a pipe, and the nut is twisted atop. As a result there is very good sealing of a junction. It is possible to carry to pluses of this way very low the price and availability of materials to consolidation, also ensuring quite strong fixing. To defects — huge efforts of an inhaling at assembly of a fitting which in certain cases can cause destruction of connected details. Besides this way belongs to so called ways of zapyatanny hands and the soiled tool, in other words if you be accepted to performance of sealing of trumpet connection by this method, be convinced that will by all means be soiled and will almost always soil the tool applied at all this. Also it is necessary to mention and dismantling of connection very complicated in case of need carried out, usually, with heating of a fitting to temperature of burning out of a pressurizing material. Right there it is necessary to emphasize that if you have no personal experience with this pressurizing means (linen tow), tight connection from the first can and not turn out at all.

Trumpet sealing
Introduction FUM-lenty represents more modern method of sealing of trumpet carving connections. The narrow tape from фторопласта in this case is reeled up in some слоёв on a pipe carving after that the nut is atop wound. FUM-lenta does not change own parameters over time and if you managed to make connection tight, it will not begin to flow any more provided that nobody will disturb him. By means of FUM-lenty, also as well as a linen lock with respective impregnation, it is possible to use sealing in cases and with gas pipes. But FUM-lentu it is better not to use for consolidation of the connections which are exposed to invariable vibrations.

Are very reliable at trumpet sealing anaerobny hermetics. They are put on a carving of the pipeline and hardening (полимеризуясь) pressurize connection. Excess of such hermetics simply is removed usual a rag. A defect of this method of an embodiment of trumpet sealing is the requirement to put anaerobny hermetics only on completely dry surface. Right there it is necessary to emphasize that hermetics of this type demand certain time for complete polymerization, and in case of dismantling of carving connection before the following connection in a neotklonimy order it is necessary to delete starenky hermetic. The anaerobny hermetics created for work with the most various types of pipes now are issued.

Not hardening pastes being viscous products, on the basis of polymeric pitches, oils and fillers are very comfortable and simple in application applied to sealing of connections of pipes. Be used they can only at certain modes of operation. It is possible to refer additional protection of carving connection against corrosion to pluses of this type of trumpet sealing. Also at application of not hardening pastes possibility of jamming of a carving actually absolutely is prevented at assembly. In case of need to disassemble zagermetizirovanny such makary connection at you will not arise any troubles – Trumpet sealing
to make it it will be possible not so difficult and simply. Introduction of not hardening pastes is very comfortable and very technological way of sealing of carving connections of pipelines of low pressure. It is necessary to refer absence of strong fixing of connection, low resistance to defects of this method in the certain environments, also that fact that pressure excess in the pipeline will cause gradual expression of consolidation from a carving gap.

The special sealing thread suitable actually for all types of pipes though of what mission completely normally will be suitable for house introduction. Such thread consists of a large quantity of the thin polyamide threads impregnated with special structure. Practically also as well as tow, a sealing thread is reeled up on a carving after that the nut twists. Thus in this case completely it is not required an extra time on hardening. The sealing thread actually does not change own parameters over time and at contact to water. It can be put on a damp carving and even at very low air temperature. After connection dismantling the sealing thread simply is removed.

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