Collector Installation at a Glance

Solar hot-water systems involve a fair amount of labor-intensive planning and plumbing, but a typical collector installation is fairly straightforward.

Подпись: 1 Resources for Solar Information Alternative Energy Store: http://home.; Solar information and products American Solar Energy Society:; Links, background information on solar energy Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE™):; Database of energy incentives listed by state and type Find Solar:; Worksheets for estimating costs of solar hot- water systems Florida Solar Energy Center®:; Comprehensive site on all things solar, including efficiency ratings of collectors and systems by manufacturer Interstate Renewable Energy Council:; News, resources related to renewable energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory:; Lots of background information on renewable energy Solar Direct:; Solar information and resources Solar Rating and Certification Corp.:; Ratings for solar collectors and systems by manufacturer On this membrane-covered shed roof, (1) the first step was to erect the alumi­num frames that hold the panels. The frames are adjusted to a fixed angle that maximizes the collector’s solar gain and are bolted to blocking that has been integrated into the roof. (2) The panels, which weigh about 100 lb. each, are carried up and clipped onto each pair of frames. (3) Simple compression fittings connect the panels to plumbing. (4) The installers added two more panels and finished in about half a day. They spent another two days setting up the system.

Collector Installation at a Glance

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