Various compaction sequences are adhered to. Generally speaking, every road-en­gineering company works out its own procedure after some time. By and large, the standard rule states that the paver is followed by static rollers first and then by vibra­tory rollers. Final passes are always carried out by static rollers, which finally level the surface, removing traces of rolling from it (the so-called finishing). When using


FIGURE 10.11 The particular way rollers approach the paver, with a turn being made right behind the paver. (Photo courtesy of Konrad Jablotiski.)

rollers with new types of vibration, it is worthwhile to consider the manufacturer’s


One of the more interesting techniques of rolling consists of the first roller behind the paver (the breakdown roller) making a slight turn when it approaches the paver (Figure 10.11). The remaining rollers operate without making the turn by simply reversing direction. This technique, among others applied in the Kompaktasphalt, is aimed at achieving better layer smoothness.

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