What only sinks we did not contemplate! And speech at present goes at all about a form, and about materials. For example, wash basins from a stone look fashionably, in an original way and very presentably.

In the current time designers for creation of own models extensively use an artificial stone кориан though it is possible to meet sinks and from a natural material, for example, marble. And here the Stone Forest company gave preference to onyx.

In principle, that choice is completely explainable, after all natural onyx possesses a generous look and that the most important, a wide palette of different flowers. A similar abundance of flowers in a compartment with a natural structure of a stone will promote sinks to find a worthy place both in a traditional interior, and in the modern.

Obviously, the form is basic also. Designers, most likely, felt real architects, developing these models: as though anything difficult but as convincingly they look!

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