Mirror and sink – an unusual hybrid

Mirror and sink – an unusual hybrid
It is difficult to present for itself a bathroom without a mirror. And where reflecting surfaces usually take place? True, concretely over a sink. Designers decided to simplify life the petty bourgeois, having connected a mirror and a wash basin in a whole. Indeed comfortably – after all it is not necessary to select similar models for style any more and «заморачиваться» with mirror installation. Everything is already made for you.

As example the inquisitive Ultra model offered by the Sanindusa company can serve. The wash basin here looks very small-sized and elegant for the account usual forms, and the mirror placed over it repeats the approximated outlines of a sink. But not everything is so simple! It appears, behind a mirror door hides besides a locker. Yes, depth at it Mirror and sink – an unusual hybrid
small, but for placement of small bottles with shampoos and its creams is completely enough. The door does not swing open, and simply moves aside that saves up a place.

More unusual bagatelle is represented by the Delpha company. The O Image model would be more true to call not a sink with a mirror, and opposite. Here all attention entices specifically huge, in human growth, a mirror, and the wash basin seems simply a prize. As a whole this design looks very magnificently and especially, it is emphasized also with an unusual form of a sink, and the thought of a big mirror in a bathroom. However, there are also defects. In – 1-x, not each person in a bathroom will have a place for that novelty, and in – 2-x, nobody cancelled water splashes.

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