Washing of system of heating

Washing of system of heating
When we speak about comfort in the house, except convenience of a room, an upclassing its furniture, we represent for ourselves and warmly. In each apartment for these purposes heating batteries are established.

As well as not very well what hydraulic system, radiators demand repeating cleaning. On another, there is an overall performance reduction, circulation of steam or hot water is aggravated, heatloss is miniaturized and the efficiency goes down.

Washing of system of heating is better for making before coming of colds. For high-quality washing of system of heating, it is required full of water plums therefore in apartments with the central system of heating to make washing it is problematic, because many apartments are stuck in system. Therefore, we will not consider this case, in common it, we will give an example cleanings of independent system of heating.

Washing of system of heating
For washing it is useful branch, it is usually built already in the pipeline. His that also is necessary for using for water outflow.

After water will be absolutely merged, the compressor is connected to a branch pipe. For system washing by this method the pipeline should be closed, check, whether there is a cap in a broad tank.

Turn on the compressor. After pressure will reach 2,5-3 atmospheres (it is dependent on the sizes of system) open the crane between system and the compressor. Pump up heating system to 10 atmospheres further. Why to 10 as — ispytuyemy pressure of system of heating, it is impossible to raise 10 atmospheres above (it it is unsafe for system)! After this level of pressure will reach, close the crane and disconnect the compressor. Connect to the place of the compressor taking-away hose Washing of system of heating
(an internal diameter of 1.5 cm), other end of a hose throw out on the street. Open the crane of descent and throw off all water. Attention! Together with water dirt therefore try to find a respective place for this purpose will stream also. Fill system of heating ponovy further, and do all above-stated acts while water on an exit does not become nezapyatanny.

The above-stated method washes away only the main part грязищи in heating system. If you wish faultless washing, it is necessary to remove each radiator of heating and to wash it the compressed water, after to establish back.

Periodicity of washings in systems of heating is not defined precisely because on the designs of system are various, and means also quality of water at their various.

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