«Oh, the lukewarm went!»

2012 brought on the Russian market of the pump equipment pleasant in all senses a novelty. The GRUNDFOS company declared the beginning of Russian sales of the circulating pump "GRUNDFOS Comfort" which was already tested in Europe.

The model represents the improved pump "Comfort PM" and differs a unique design. So, the device is equipped with "a wet rotor», but thanks to a spherical form the zastoporivaniye of the driving wheel which in most cases causes pump pollution by the different impurity which are available in water is excluded. From other pluses it should be noted ordinary installation and small noise level.
«Oh, the lukewarm went!»

But the main advantage of a novelty was the unique system "AUTOadapt" which allows to reduce a consumption of water, also to lower temperature losses practically for 50 %. As a whole, by results of research, the system saves up to 96 % of the electric power. How it works? According to the statement of developers, the system "remembers" time of inclusion of hot water and beforehand, in 15 minutes, begins a retsirkulyatsiya. For certain, she not always guesses, but in the mornings we nevertheless include water approximately at the same time every day. The new pump will allow not to merge it, waiting "lukewarm", and subjects not to spend for nothing that owners of counters should estimate.

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