Подпись: ✓ fast code fact Exterior sewage pumps must be equipped with alarm systems. The alarms warn the property owner if the pump is not operating and the pump station is filling with sewage. Without the alarm, the sewage could build to a point where it would flow back into the building. Подпись: been there done that Some homeowners associate an overflowing toilet with a problem in their septic system. It is possible that the septic system is responsible for the toilet backing up, but this is not always the case. A stoppage either in the toilet trap or in the drainpipe can cause a backup. There are times when sewage pumps must be used to get sewage to a septic system. The pumps are normally installed in a buried box outside of the building being served. The box is often made of concrete. In these cases, the home’s sewer pipe goes to the pumping station. From the pumping station, a solid pipe transports the waste to the septic tank.

Подпись: FIGURE 14.10 ■ Example of a pump-station septic system.

sewage pumps have floats that are lifted as the level of contents in the pump station build. When the float is raised to a certain point, the pump cuts on, emptying the contents of the pump station. The dis­charge pipe from the pump must be equipped with a check valve. otherwise, gravity would force waste down the pipe, back into the pump station, when the pump cut off. This would result in the pump having to constantly cut on and off, wearing out the pump.

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