There are some additional piping considerations for plumbers to observe. septic tanks are designed to handle routine sewage. They are not meant to modify chemical discharges and high volumes of water. If, as a plumber, you pipe the discharge from a sump pump into the sanitary plumbing system, which you are not supposed to do, the increased volume of water in the tank could disrupt its normal operation.


Подпись: been there done that Chemical drain openers used in high quantities can also destroy the natural order of a septic tank. Chemicals from photography labs are another risk plumbers should be aware of when piping drainage to a septic system. Gas concentrations in a septic tank can cause problems for plumbers. The gases collected in a septic tank have the poten­tial to explode. If you remove the top of a septic tank with a flame close by, you might be blown up. Also, breathing the gases for an extended period of time can cause health problems.

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