What about garbage disposers, do they hurt a septic system? The answers offered to this question vary from yes to maybe to no. Many people, including numerous code enforcement offices, believe garbage disposers should not be used in conjunction with septic sys­tems. Other people disagree and believe that disposers have no adverse effect on a septic system.

it is possible for the waste of a disposer to make it into the distribution pipes and drain field. If this happens, the risk for clogging is elevated. An­other argument against disposers is the increased load of solids they put on a septic tank. Obviously, the amount of solid waste will depend on the fre­quency with which the disposer is used.

What is my opinion? My opinion is that disposers increase the risk of sep­tic system failure and should not be used with such systems. However, I know of many houses using disposers with septic systems that are not experiencing any problems. If you check with your local plumbing inspector this question may become a moot point. Many local plumbing codes prevent the use of dis­posers with septic systems.

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