The VE job plan outlines those tasks or functions necessary to properly perform a VE study. Adherence to a definite plan is essential to achieving optimum results. Good results come from a good system, and a good system is one that covers all aspects of a problem or situation to the necessary degree. Use of the job plan provides

1. A vehicle to carry the study from inception to conclusion

2. A convenient way to maintain a written record of the effort as it progresses

3. Assurance that consideration has been given to facts that may have been neglected in the creation of the original design

4. A logical separation of the study into units that can be planned, scheduled, budgeted, and assessed

5. Assurance that proper emphasis is given to the essential creative work of a study and its analysis so that superior choices can be made for further development

The job plan attempts to generate, identify, and select the best-value alternative(s) by making specific recommendations supported with the proper data and identifying the actions necessary for implementation. Further, it provides a proposed implementation schedule and a summary of benefits to the user. The VE job plan is a planned program that has been tested, is being used, and has been proved to work.

The VE effort must include all phases of the job plan. However, the proper share of attention given to each phase may differ from one application to another. Judgment is required in determining the depth to which each phase is performed, with consideration given to the resources available and the results expected.

An orientation (pre-workshop stage) is usually conducted by a VE manager prior to the assembling of a VE task team. This activity relates to the selection of ideas for VE projects and their planning and authorization. The VE team follows the VE job plan starting with the information phase after the item to be studied has been selected. The number of members of the VE team varies considerably, but usually the job plan is completed by a team of at least five persons.

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