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If you’re a professional framer, organizing your tools helps keep them in good condition and helps you find them when you need them— saving valuable time on the job.


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Saw blade


Check to make sure tape ‘ end is not bent and that it moves on the end rivets.


Saw upside — down


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Accuracy in measuring, marking, and cutting lumber is a very important framing skill to master. Periodic checks should be made of the condition of tape measures and the squareness of saw tables and blades.

A typical saw blade removes a channel of wood approximately 1/8" wide, called a kerf. This must be taken into consideration when you make a cut.

Suppose you want to cut a board 25" long. Measure and make a mark at 25", then square a line through
the mark with a square. The work piece— the 25" piece you want to use—will be to the left of the line; the waste piece will be to the right. Guide your saw along the right edge of the line so the kerf is made in the waste piece. If your cut is perfectly made, the work piece will be left showing exactly half the width of your pencil line, and will measure exactly 25". Thus, the old carpenter’s saying: “Leave the line."

Example: Cut a 25" piece


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