Standard Stair (to be carpeted)

Adapt these guidelines for use when plans do not give details.

2 x 12 Stair tread:

1. Router nosing with V2" round router bit.

2. Glue and nail three 16d nails on each stringer for single residence use.

3. Glue and nail four 16d nails on each stringer for multi-residence use.

• Two stringers for single residence use, 36" or less width (depending on tread and riser material).

• Three stringers for multi-residence use, or treads larger than 36" (depending on tread and riser material).

Recap of Key Stair Guidelines

The following are important items to go over to make sure you end up with a good set of stairs:

• Check the code maximum and minimum widths, depths, and heights.

• Remember to review the floor finish on the top, the bottom, and any midway decks for different thickness in the finish floor material. For example, if there is going to be lightweight concrete on the floor sheathing, or if a carpet stair ends on a concrete slab, then the last tread height would have to be adjusted. It

is important to stay within the 3/8" height variance (specified in the codes) between all the risers.

• If you have a midway deck in the stairs, make sure you check the height. Figure the height and measure from the top or bottom of the stairs, and then check by figuring the height and measuring from the opposite of top or bottom. If you figured right, your marks should align.

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