Your objective is most likely to frame a quality building for the least possible cost. Wages represent the greatest percentage of the total cost, and since wages are paid for time spent working, it follows that if you lessen the time it takes to complete a building, you thereby reduce the wages paid and, thus, lower the total cost.

There are various tasks involved in framing. Some of the tasks can be done as fast, or nearly as fast, by the least experienced framer as by the most experienced framer—for example, carrying and spreading studs. Suppose that a $10/hour person can do the same job as a $20/hour person, only 20% slower. You save $8/hour by having the less expensive person do the job.

Be careful, however, because if an inexperienced framer takes on a job beyond his capabilities, the chances for mistakes are great. This could result in wages paid for work incorrectly done, and higher wages paid for an experienced framer to find and correct the mistake.

It is ideal for you to have a balanced crew of experienced and inexperienced framers. This allows you the flexibility to fit the framer to the task. It takes planning to coordinate framing tasks so that they are done as inexpensively as possible, but it is time well spent for the money you will save.

The following are job titles and responsibilities for a typical large framing crew, divided into four categories: overall organization, walls, floors, and roofs.

3) Wall nailer

□ Nail walls together.

4) Makeup framer

□ Nail together a quantity of stud-trimmers, corners, backers, headers, etc., before they are carried to the walls.



1) Rim joister

□ Nail joists in position.

□ Header out joists.

2) Joist nailer

□ Nail joists in position.

□ Nail on joist hangers.

□ Nail blocking and drywall backing.

3) Joist spreader

□ Carry joists into place.


1) Sheathing setter

□ Place and set sheathing.

2) Sheathing nailer

□ Glue joists ahead of setter and nail sheathing behind setter.

3) Sheathing carrier

□ Carry sheathing to setter.


1) Spreaders

□ Spread and install trusses and rafters.

□ Install fascia.

2) Blockers

□ Install blocking and drywall backing.

□ Set sheathing.

3) Sheathing packers

□ Carry sheathing to setters.

Typical large framing contractor crew (continued)

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