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Joisting Tips

Material Movement for Joists 1. Material movement is a major part of installing joists. 2. Always carry the joists crown-up. This way, you can spread the joists in place, in the right direction, without having to look for the crown a second time. It’s easier to look for the crown on the lumber pile than […]

Organizing Tools &amp

In addition to organizing and teaching the crew, you will have to organize your tools and materials. Each crew and job will require a different type of organization. To give you an idea of how to go about this, we will discuss three aspects: tool organization, material storage, and material protection. Tool Organization Following is […]

Quality Control

In framing, the question of speed versus quality always comes up. You want to get the job done as fast as possible—but you must have a quality building, and quality takes time. The most important thing to consider is the structural integrity of the building. Once that requirement is satisfied, the faster the job can […]

Company Goals

Job site goals need to be directed by overall company goals, which will vary depending on the owner’s desires. Here are some examples: Sample Company Goals: 1. To provide income for framers and the company 2. To provide a safe and enjoyable work environment 3. To coordinate with the general contractor’s schedule and needs 4. […]

Different Types of Management

There are many ways to manage framers. It is important to know the different management styles and the effects that they have on employees, so that you can create the most productive framing crew. There are three main styles of management: autocratic, bureaucratic, and democratic. Autocratic: The lead framer has the decision­making power and does […]

Lead Framers (continued)

Ability to Impart Knowledge to Other Framers • When teaching someone, start with the basics. Assume nothing. Explain in clear and simple language exactly what the job is, and how it is to be done. • The easiest way to lead may be to give orders, make demands, and threaten. However, it creates an unsettling […]

Managing Your Team

Construction is a unique industry. It is always changing. Each new job or building has its own individual plan, timetable, and workers to do the job. The economy, local governments, codes, tools, and materials are also constantly changing, creating different work environments. The crew structure has to change, as necessary, to accommodate the particular requirements […]


This chapter is intended for advanced framers who are becoming “lead framers," or starting to manage a framing crew. Keep in mind that the lead framer’s productivity is defined by the productivity of the crew. If you’re taking on the job of lead framer, you’ll need to think about the information your crew needs and […]