Material Organization and Cutting

Material Organization, Mitre Saw

1. Set up your table in convenient locations for moving lumber in and out.

2. Place the incoming material as close as possible to the side of the saw where you will be positioning it to cut.

3. As it is cut, stack the lumber in a pile that is neat and easy to pick up and carry or lift with a forklift.

4. Put scrap wood that you will be cutting into stacks nearby, maybe under the saw table.

Cutting with a Mitre Saw

1. Set your length gage for multiple cuts.

2. Cut your first piece, then check the cut for square (both vertical and horizontal) and correct length.

3. Check the second and tenth piece for square and length.

4. Check every tenth piece after that for length.

5. Keep lumber tight against lumber guides, but don’t bang them so that they move.

6. Remove any sawdust near the guides.

7. Respect the saw! If you don’t, there is a good chance you will hurt yourself or your fellow framers.


Many apprentice framers are not familiar with fractions, and some might be embarrassed to admit this. It doesn’t take long to teach fractions. Ask the framer to show you where 11/16" is on the tape. If he can’t do it easily, draw a duplicate of a tape showing the different length lines. Mark the fractions on each line, and tell him to take it home and memorize it. Review as frequently as required to develop proficiency.

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