Such various fitting 5

Designs of tsangovy fastening can be different, we made out an example with the cutting blooming end. Such connections call from time to time the kompressionny. Than from tsangovy we will make out kompressionny connection in article when we will say about plastic pipes.

Such various fitting 5

Fig. 1. Fitting tsangovy tee.

In previous article we said that a tsangovy fitting intends for open installation. It is connected with that circumstance that a tsangovy fitting demands service. As it was seen in comments, through certain time after the work beginning they started to leak. The matter is that both the fitting, and a pipe at us are in changing criteria of storage and operation. After installation water gets to a pipe, and it changes a temperature mode. As we know, the material at change of temperature can change own volume. When heating to extend, and when cooling to be compressed. Various materials have also different factors of expansion. Already metalplastic pipe consists of the various materials, at least 2 though usually it is more. Fitting, it already other material. Therefore, at temperature change all these materials will extend or be compressed differently. Approximately it is not perceptible, but for this purpose that water began to leak, it is completely enough. Besides, pressed-out plastic has memory, in other words, if to remove a fitting, we will see fastening traces, the naruzhny cover of a pipe will not restore own initial look. But after several such pullings up, the fitting will manage to occupy such situation when temperature influences will not cause any more leakages.

Such various fitting 5

Fig. 2. A fitting tsangovy with transition to carving connection.

Quite often the situation when it is required to connect metalplastic pipes to the metal meets. For this purpose there is special transitional fitting. On the one hand, which fastens to a metalplastic pipe, we have tsangovy connection, and on the other hand the carving. On fig. 1. just also that fitting is given. As we contemplate, on the one hand tsangovy connection already familiar to us, and with another an external carving. It is clear that there are options of transition and to a female thread.

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