Such various fitting 8

For metalplastic pipes we made out the main types of a fitting, time of the plastic came. Only when we speak plastic, in fact we mean a set of the most different pipes, more precisely, different materials. Naturally, at such pipes is much in common, but materials after all impose also the features.

Such various fitting 8

Fig. 1. A fitting for plastic pipes (PND).

First a little about the general. Plasticity – a material which is extensively used in a life and in the industry. We already got used that plastic details are simple for sticking together. Moreover, such glutinous connection can even be stronger, than plastic. Therefore, would be completely logical that glutinous connections gained any distribution and for accession of a fitting to pipes. Truly, such technologies are extensively used. But, to the chagrin, far not all plasticity allows to use them.
On the other hand, we know that plasticity quite fusible materials, on the last measure if to associate them with metals. Therefore, by itself heating is imposed for connection of such materials, welding is more exact. Truly, many types of plastic allow welding for connection of pipes and a fitting. Thus, it is possible to note that it is the most popular method at installation of pipelines from plastic pipes.
For separate types of plastic there are ways which are not connected with welding or glue.
Quite often there are situations when it is necessary to provide connection of pipes which are made of various materials. Earlier we considered a similar situation. When, for example, it was necessary for us to connect a metalplastic pipe to the iron. We used tsangovy or a press a fitting which on other end had a carving which allowed to connect pipes from various materials. Everything is as though excellent, but for connection of pipes from various plastics, that method would be very difficult. Therefore, there are also other decisions.

Such various fitting 8

Fig. 2. A fitting for plastic pipes (software).

Different methods of connections which correspond to different types of plastic better, we and will make out in the subsequent articles. It is natural that we will make out also options of connection of pipes from different types of plastic.
Continuation follows …

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