My ditch

After I with own family moved from the apartment to the personal house of a place for activity became much more, in other as well as troubles on an economy. The ditch and water supply became the main discrepancy for us. For this purpose that will get rid of difficulty of carrying out of water on the street from the house after a sink of ware, bathing and many other I was going to make a ditch.My ditch

First I decided to dig out a cesspool. For a hole I caught 4 concrete rings. First I dug out a hole on a ring diameter depth of 50 cm after that arranged in this hole a ring. Then started to dig a hole from the ring middle a malekhanky shovel undermining a place under a ring, and the earth a bucket submitted on top. Such makary the ring slowly sat down yet the village to earth level. After that put from above the 2nd ring and continued work. So I did while all four rings were not leveled with earth level. Then I dug through a trench depth of 1 meter from a cesspool to the house. My ditch
For this purpose to enter into a hole a sewer pipe I punched in a concrete ring an opening through which passed a pipe. It was absolutely easy to lay pipes because I used plastic sewer pipes. For this purpose to connect pipes between itself it is necessary to thrust only in a groove of one of pipes rubber consolidation and to thrust the second pipe. For this purpose that the pipe simply entered into a pipe rubber consolidation омочить water is necessary.
After pipes were laid on a trench from a hole to the house I covered them with earth. After pipes were in the house it was necessary to make distributing on the house to a sink in kitchen, to a wash basin, to the washing machine and to a bathroom. On the main pipe of O of 135 mm. to which laid a route from a hole I put a tee on pipes of O of 58 mm. from which distributing I went put a toilet bowl. For this purpose to turn a ditch in the suitable direction I used special turns for the sewerage.My ditch

After the ditch was laid it was necessary to make only transition of a sewer pipe on siphons, for this purpose I used rubber transition in which simply both pipes are inserted.
Here such makary I made for myself a ditch.

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