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Now we will start to get acquainted with one more class of the necessary devices. Such device the turnaround valve is called. The device title if does not say, hints us at its appointment. The problem of these devices not to allow change of the direction of a stream of a working environment. In other words, in one direction such valves pass a stream, and here in the turnaround direction they should prevent movement of a working environment. All devices of that class are automatic and direct act.

Other fittings 11

Fig. 1. Turnaround valve.

Why such devices are necessary? In – 1-x, for protection of the equipment. For example, such devices as pumps, can receive damages if the working environment changes the movement direction. It in particular is burning, when we in system have to a descent some pumps. Shutdown of 1 of them can promote turnaround movement of a working environment, and put it out of action. Therefore, usually each pump is equipped with the turnaround valve. In – 2-x, such devices can seriously help out at failure, pipeline destruction. The water which has passed an emergency site from the pipeline will not stream any more.
Though we also call this class of pipeline fittings the turnaround valve, in fact structurally we have two types of devices. Any of them also there is, actually, turnaround valve. the 2nd type of devices can be called a turnaround lock. It is curious that on old ordering which acted till 1982, these types of devices had various names and treated various classes of pipeline fittings. Actually that now it is possible to call the turnaround valve, was called as the elevating valve. And that we now would christen a turnaround lock, carried more difficult title, the rotary turnaround valve. Names of these devices it is more connected with their design, than with multipurpose mission. In principle, to the consumer it is the least curious, as they are arranged, it is even more important, as they will work, therefore, transition to the latest ordering is completely justifiable.

Other fittings 11

Fig. 2. Turnaround locks.

We by all means will get acquainted with features of designs and mechanisms of operation of these necessary devices in brand new year.
Continuation follows …

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