Choice of a water heater

Choice of a water heater
With coming of summer our utility services, start to disconnect (for repair prevention silt) hot water. Having faced from absence water supply frying, there is an idea, than it is possible to warm up water? There is a large quantity of types of water heaters but before venturing not purchase, it is necessary to find, to what specifically the device to you will suit.

The water-heating equipment is divided on flowing and accumulative. In this article we will make out how to choose a water heater flowing and how to choose a water heater accumulative:

Flowing water heaters subdivide on gas and electronic. A gas water heater (or the geyser) connects the highest efficiency and elegant design. It is made of qualitative materials and possesses safety system. For convenience in such water heater adjustment of temperature and automatic ignition systems is made.

From all types of water heaters, gas is more economical option.

It is dependent on the demanded volume of water the gas source – a geyser gets out.

Choice of a water heater
Now we will make out an electronic water heater. Snutri of his design is a heating element – a copper tube, with a heating spiral from нихрома. That heating element is reliable and possesses long service life. By means of an electronic current the tube warms up the cool water passing through it.

Capacity select it is dependent on demanded volumes of water. For example: for this purpose, to wash out hands and to be washed enough 3 kW, to accept a shower – 8, to lie down in a heat bath – more than 10.

Choice of a water heater
Accumulative electronic water heater. That device consists of a thermos (capacity under water) and a heating element. To warm up water, time is required. Water is supported in a thermos in an automatic mode. That type of water heaters absolutely approaches for small apartments. To its advantages refers economic power consumption, possibility to use to a descent of several points (a bathroom and kitchen), small cost. From defects – huge dimensions, but certain models takes not enough place.

At installation of that water heater it is necessary to keep in the head that in houses of old construction, conducting is not calculated on huge electricity consumption. That everything truly worked, it is necessary to carry out a separate cable from an electroguard and to connect it via the machine gun to a water heater.

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