Shower pallet the hands

Shower pallet the hands
Our bathroom small the area and an unusual form, in it is available a niche which is visible on a photo. We very much would like, that the washing machine stood specifically in a bathroom, instead of was restricted in kitchen. Therefore we decided to save up a place, having arranged the shower pallet заместо with a bathroom.

It is necessary to tell that in the old apartment we had a ready shower cabin, and it to us did not attract. During washing in it a lot of steam gathers, becomes very hot and stuffy. Not including that, the shower cabin povsevremenno broke, doors jammed. If water flow got directly on a crack between doors, the cabin proceeded. I assume that expensive shower cabins do not own these defects (that the builder established), but we decided not to risk any more. Therefore the shower pallet from a brick and concrete became our choice.

The shower pallet from concrete is not afraid of significant loading, it strong and convenient, simply washes, in it there are no various depressions in the ground where dirt (as at ready acrylic pallets collects). From above it is possible to revet it with a clay tile or a mosaic. The sizes of the pallet are simple for adjusting to dimensions of a certain room. Eventually, if to make the shower pallet of concrete the hands, it will manage cheaper, than purchased.

Distributings of pipes in our bathroom were not. There were only exits for the sewerage and water. We invited the plumber, under the shower pallet it mounted to us ordinary system plum with a siphon. As for a bathroom.

Then in our bathroom there were zashtukaturenny walls, and on a floor the cement coupler is made. We missed the mark with a waterproofing a floor and walls in future shower cabin. The waterproofing represented greenish weight which we put with a shpatel. It dried day, formed a water-proof film on a surface of walls and a floor.

Then the spouse made of the bricks fastened by cement substance, a framework for the shower pallet. Ahead laid out a side. The height of the pallet was defined at us in height the plum, established by the plumber.

Shower pallet the hands

The subsequent step is a device of a concrete coupler. Concrete was the M-500 brands, mixed it with sand in the ratio 1:3. Filled in with concrete a floor of the shower pallet, leveled a layer about 2 cm a side. At all this tried to make a bias towards a drain opening that water perfectly flew down. When everything dried, again put a waterproofing layer.

Farther to us the tiler came, he said that for shower pallets special drain ladders are on sale. They it is more reliable, than plastic siphons. Why it did not know or did not desire to us to tell the plumber, there was for us a riddle, as well as why it did not drown in a pipe wall. So we had to hollow the puncher a siphon, to fix on its place metal a ladder and again everything to concrete. Later already the tiler revetted the shower pallet with a clay tile, put it on ready tiled glue.

Shower pallet the hands

I like the turned-out pallet. Water perfectly flows down in plums, does not get on a floor. At this design I did not find any defects. And the washing machine got into a bathroom, as well as was planned.

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