Shower of next day: bathe and charmed

Shower of next day: bathe and charmed
The unique technological novelty was presented at the International Imm Cologne 2012 exhibition passing in Cologne. Having united in fruitful creative alliance, the German companies Dornbracht and Gira and the Revox company from Switzerland developed the project printsipno the new shower, named Connected Comfort – Home Automation for the Senses.

Founders of the unusual project visually proved, how many advantages integrated communications of boundaries modern can own build also engineering technologies.

Shower of next day: bathe and charmed
The central place in the brand new Connected Comfort project – Home Automation for the Senses occupies the velnes-shower which innumerable functions founders of amazing installation tried to vary even more, having united in a whole water, light and a sound.

The Dornbracht company specially developed the unusual Ambiance Tuning Technique function offering three modes of acceptance of a shower for this unique novelty – weakening, neutral and active. It is dependent on individual wishes it is possible to set to shower installation sequence of modes, temperature and intensity of water supply.

Additional benefit of a functional velnes-shower is the cool audiosystem of Multiroom System from the Revox company, successfully built in installation «from the future».

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