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Steel and plastic: country Duet

The wash basin for giving «Mr. Heath, the Duet, without a water heater» is the greatest in own family. From its name it becomes already clear that the wash basin is intended for use at once 2 people. The strong case of this wash basin is made of steel read more

Esthetics of the present

If you prefer a creative interior and just at present are in search of decisions for new design of own bathroom, at first we recommend to you to think of a sink form. It is possible to choose the most different tile, it is possible to acquire fascinating read more

Style and brevity

Designers are not tired to invent new models of sinks. It would seem, we contemplated already everything: the sinks wood and topped with a mosaic, powerful and super-flat models. Sinks without plum came across to us even. But, it appears, even the most ordinary read more

Water and stone

Not so long since we wrote about monumental and impressing sinks from natural onyx. Are glad to tell to you that the same company has in the range and other novelties, same nice, but more magnificent. Yes, speech again will go about the Stone Forest company read more

Mirror and sink – an unusual hybrid

It is difficult to present for itself a bathroom without a mirror. And where reflecting surfaces usually take place? True, concretely over a sink. Designers decided to simplify life the petty bourgeois, having connected a mirror and a wash basin in a whole read more

Sinks modern – options different

The most vserasprostranenny material for production of sinks always was санфаянс. But certain designers consider glinyany wash basins last eyelid and bring to our attention of model from others, too usual, but not so usual materials. The Componendo company read more

Simply wash basin? Street!

Wash basin of very small-sized design which can be transferred simply, and then to establish in any suitable place where there is no centralized water supply. Structurally the wash basin very much малогабаритен also takes not enough place. In a wash basin read more

Two more questions of sinks…

In a question of a sink choice for a bathroom, in the middle of the main and simply solved questions two others flicker - the least basic, but irritating. 1st question: protection against a modulation - is necessary? Many know why on a sink establish this read more