We build a well on giving

We build a well on giving
You like to spend a free time at a dacha? Do not represent itself without work on a kitchen garden, you like to equip flower beds or simply serenely to have a rest outdoors? Then the country site should correspond to all requirements of comfort!

Basic parts of modern giving – a well! The well is not only only water for manufacturing of food, drink and waterings, but also an element in an exterior. In some cases, existence of a well improves мироклимат on a site and in the house (in particular if the house wood).

If you do not have that construction, seriously think over its construction!

Of what the well consists.

We build a well on giving
The highest part of a well – ogolovka; average (it the most longish) – the main trunk; “аква” a part – a water intake (buzzer). The highest part is responsible for 2 functions: protection of water against a dust, grass and snow; interferes with a vymerzaniye during winter time. Water, depth of a water intake gathers and stored in a water intake, on the average, 1 meter if a well build in shallow soil, the zone of a water intake is located on the highest depth.

How to make a well?

Well construction, means itself prokapyvany mines and its forthcoming strengthening. The method of strengthening and depth depend on soil. Most preferable – rigid soil, but not everywhere it is.

To dig a well it is possible, or using the excavator, or manual way – a bucket, a shovel and a rope.

We build a well on giving
Are going to dig a well, reflect on the safety! The working person should put on a protective helmet and special working clothes the head. The bucket should be fixed firmly, the rope or a cable should be strong, and to raise a bucket with the earth it is necessary very much аккуратненько.

The main thing, when digging wells are, availability of water in the district. It is recommended to inquire prior to the beginning of works.

The well should be placed on bolshenny distance from pollution sources (more than 40 m from animals, a toilet and places with fertilizers and manure).

In this case, if the site has heights, under a well the highest place gets out. Such placement of a well profitable that under gravitation laws water will be flown down from a well as a result of what water in a well will be purer.

The well is better to dispose closer to a water consumption place. That approach will reduce expenses on delivery. But, to dig a well in proximity from the house does not follow (endurance there should be more than 5 meters).

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