We choose a bath

We choose a bath
Bathing – more basic hygienic procedure. Purity maintenance – natural care of the person to which health is not indifferent. In an extent of many centuries people made different adaptations for a bathing.

Times exchanged, modern without troubles and work can get an iron, pig-iron, plastic or acrylic bath though what size, a form and a coloring.

Compact or large-sized bath? To answer this question – estimate the sizes own a bathroom. If the area allows, without hesitation buy and put a large-sized bath. If it is not enough place, reasonable will choose a bath much less. There are special models of baths, the form and which sizes are adapted for joining with walls of a shower cabin. Similar designs are very rational for averages and small rooms.

We choose a bath
In certain models of baths broad zones for shower acceptance are provided. The size of that bath – about 170х90 see It it is comfortable also fans to lie down in a bathroom, and for those preferring to wash under a shower.

Good advice at the choice of baths.

There is a number of rules and councils with which it is necessary to cope, buying a bath.

1. The size and a form of a bath should not cause any altercations. The material of which the bath is made should be strong and are steady against mechanical damages. The bath design also should be strong.

2. In a complete set to a bath there should be a binding and system a modulation plums. Flexible hoses be required for connection to pipes.

3. If in a basic complete set the bath is delivered without a siphon, get it separately, but at once from a bathroom.

4. Do not buy an unbalanced slippery bath.

5. Before purchase examine a bath. Existence of chips and cracks inadmissibly.

6. And the last – make sure that the bath corresponds to stylistics and the sizes of a bathroom and an interior.

manufacturing country.

We choose a bath
The European companies subdivide baths into 3 classes: Superluxury, Luxury and Convenient. "Practical" baths become from cast iron and have not a bad covering. The European producers use the special monitoring system for identification of cracks in a bath.

It is necessary to treat the enameled Turkish bathrooms carefully. Though for production of these baths good stuff is used, there is a certain possibility that development of production is broken. In similar baths – unstable enamel and internally трещинкы. To behold shortcomings it is actually unreal, but through a certain gleam of time it will declare about for itself.

And high-quality the Spanish, French, German and Italian baths are registered on the most reliable. The comfortable form and a krepkost, also indisputable quality is inherent in these baths. Leading companies guarantee 15 years of ideal work of own baths.