Our repair in the newest bathroom

Our repair in the newest bathroom
The newcomer the bathroom can be compared with a clay slice, at first the material of myagenkiya and simply gives in to deformation change but after clay you will burn, it remains rigid forever.

My bathroom, prior to the beginning of repair, represented a room 2.5 on 2 meters, with pipes sticking out of a wall, unplastered walls and a bad floor. Repair proceeded about a month, and for this period of time we not only only established a bath and a sink, but also updated walls and a floor.

Though what repair is better for beginning with the plan. The plan of a bathroom gave out us the agent from whom the apartment was bought. The acquired plan very visually reflected placement of the main communications. Having made a copy, we added available drawings in new knots.

Our repair in the newest bathroom
Council. Do all sketches in scale, sign the sizes, further you can such makary find the size of a water supply system, copper pipes etc.

Having precisely decided that we wish to change, we caused the sizes, chose the best provision of subjects and put it on own plan.

New knots arranged near the main drain of the sewerage. Longish pipes are very undesirable. Sites of pipes are often hammered, that, creating noise and a friction.

Our repair in the newest bathroom
Further according to the plan at us a bathroom. Chose metal option because it is more more practical and costs cheaper. With installation of troubles did not appear unless to push through it through a door left not to a descent. To a bath there were props from threw, they seemed to me not so reliable, but the master who established a bath, said that they will sustain. A sink connected to a strut near a bathroom. At all this it was necessary to extend pipes. For this purpose we established viewing hatches, in that place where the pipe changes the direction. We also developped a diameter of one of pipes to lower noise level. For 40-kamillimetrovy sewer pipes the inclination 1 to 50, – about 2 cm on 1 meter is desirable. In this case, if the inclination is less, the ditch will be hammered.

On walls laid a tile. A sketch homogeneous, as a whole left well.

Ending step repair – door installation. The acquired door, to chagrin, was very great, we had to reduce it a little. For this purpose we measured the sizes from floor level to door top. Transferred the sizes on a door, reduced it on 2 see for a gap, carried out a straight line to a door. Using rovnenky whetstone as directing, we sawed off bottom edge.

On it repair is ended.

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