Hydromassage – for a body, illumination – as a hobby

Hydromassage - for a body, illumination - as a hobby
Who will refuse after difficult day to luxuriate in a hot bath? It also is useful, and it is pleasant. And if скооперировать with a hydromassage, the best rest as a hobby and bodies it is simple not to find bathing.

The Estonian producer of "Balteco" let out a fascinating novelty: baths from the SlimLine series. These models own very smooth internal surface thanks to superthin nozzles. Nozzles are made of brilliant brass and therefore will serve is long. In the range of the company is both ordinary rectangular baths, and elegant angular options.

Hydromassage - for a body, illumination - as a hobby
But a hydromassage – there is more to come. Now you can скооперировать it besides with a tsvetoterapiya. Underwater light-emitting diode illumination of "AmbiLight" in what predvideno some various programs of switching of flowers, it was developed specially for this collection. At all this the system is armed with the temperature control unit that excludes overheating of parts of illumination and does it harmless.

And as pleasant addition the mixer for baths with the AutoFill function which keeps control of a water level serves. Now transfusion is too much excluded!

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